Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dissident or Don Quixote?

Six years ago Scientific American published this fairly short and more/less negative article about Peter Duesberg's hypotesis (initially published in 1997) that aneuploidy of tumor cells is the cause and not result of cancer. This could be easily the end of the story if the same magazine did not publish last month a feature article written by controversial scientist Duesberg himself called: Chromosomal Chaos and Cancer.

It is actually a very convincing story even for somebody who reads about aneuploidy for the first time and I wonder when we will actually know whether Duesberg is right or wrong. I guess I am not alone - here is a quote from the Scientific American editorial: "Thus, as wrong as Duesberg surely is about HIV, there is at least a chance that he is significantly right about cancer...

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