Monday, August 20, 2007

MaaS - Money as a Service

Money as a Service (a.k.a. banks) exists for more than a thousand years but we still experience occasional hiccups like the current credit crunch. And so we should not expect SaaS to be perfect in the first few years of existence. But I believe that it is the right model for software. And as nobody would keep their money at home stuffed in a mattress anymore, I don't expect users to go through the pains of installs, upgrades, re-installs and maintenance of complex software products. And possibly in a near future more companies will operate fully in a cloud. You can read more about the transition to SaaS in this article (free registration required).

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Lukas Barton said...

There is one more difference between banks and SaaS:
There is a special law setting up conditions for banking. But there no such concrete law for other types of services...just very general civil code.